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الحب لا يعلمنا ضعيف، ولكن من القوة. الحب لا يعلمنا إذلال أنفسنا، ولكن بسالة يتنفس. المحبة ليست مشجعة، ولكن رفع.

Love is a feeling that there should be on every soul of man, he is like a drop of dew that fell from the sky, clean and pure. Only the divergent tanahnyalah accept it. If he falls to the ground is barren, because the dew it grows by wickedness, lies, fraud, steps and other oblique cases are reprehensible. But if he falls to the ground is fertile, there will grow kesuciaan heart, sincerity, loyalty and high character, etc. are commendable temperament.


Love is not teaching us weak, but of power. Love is not teaching us humiliate ourselves, but breathes valor. Love is not discouraging, but uplifting.


A sign of love for God is much to remember (call) him, because it is not you like something unless you will be much to remember.

Ar Rabi 'bin Anas (Jami' al ulum wal Hikam, Ibn Rajab)

I laughed (surprised) to those who chase (love) the world but death continues after him, and to those who neglect death but death never fails to it, and to those who laughed when her mouth full do not know whether pleasure or wrath of God against .

Salman al Farisi (Az Zuhd, Imam Ahmad)

Surely if the sick body to eat and drink is hard to swallow, rest and sleep is inconvenient. Similarly, if the liver has been shackled by the love of the world then the advice is hard to enter it.

Malik bin Dinar (Hilyat Auliyaa ')

Love only modest lover, who knows later will be your enemy. Only modest and hate your enemy, who knows later on will be your lover.

Ali ibn Abi Talib

You disobeyed God, but you are admitted to his love? It was a strange situation like this. If your love is sincere, of course you will obey him. For indeed, those who love it would always be obedient to his beloved.

Al-Qorni A'idh