Indonesian Female Jazz Singers

 Syaharani whose full name is Saira Syaharani Ibrahim (born in Batu, East Java, July 27, 1971, age 39 years) is an Indonesian jazz singer. Women bleed Bone, South Sulawesi, usually called Rani's to 2006 has released three solo albums and one pop jazzy trip-hop (Magma). He also represented Indonesia at the North Sea Jazz festival 2001, producer Magma album and Make you (SQF), song writer, and vocal arranger. Rani had been a guest star in Al Jarreau, Iskandarsyah Siregar & Folks, Dave Koz, Keith Martin and the Yellow Jackets Indonesia concert with Fourplay. Not just singing, Rani is also a musical theater actress in Madame Dasima, TIM Gallery of Kisses in Jakarta, film Garage Miles Film production, as well as create a theme song and vocal illustrator film "Betina" production 9 Palm Films (NETPAC Award-winning Film Festival Asia 2006 ).

•  Love (1998)
•  Magma (2002)
•  Syaharani A Whiter Shade Of Pale (2004)
•  Buat Kamu (2007)


 Iga Mawarni Born July 24, 1973 (age 37) Bogor, West Java, Indonesia. Since childhood, the eldest of the three brothers is already familiar with the world of art. Although born in Bogor, but Iga spent his childhood in Solo. In that city, Iga learn to dance. Each Week Sports and Arts (Porseni) primary, he won all the categories of the arts branch competed. Start singing, marching band, sports, dancing, and reading poetry Java (geguritan).
Achievement was continued until high school. At Porseni high school, he followed the singing and dancing competitions at the provincial level. Iga champion Stars II National Radio and Television (1989). Predicate that took him to the studio. Iga had signed a recording contract with a record company JK Record. With the company, Iga has issued two albums, album-yack and second album titled Kasmaran. The song "Kasmaran" the second album that brought him to the summit of fame in 1991.
Iga Mawarni Kasmaran famous through a popular song in the 90's era but it is also well known as a jazz musician that has so far continued to be involved with the preparation of a number of concerts.


*   Pemuda (1979)
*   Bila (1979)
*   Vol. 3 (1981)
*   Ceria (1982)
*   Persembahan (2001)


Aisha Andini Hariadi (born in Jakarta, August 25, 1985, age 25 years) is an Indonesian singer homage to Jazz music.
Andien studied singing since she was three years old. When sitting in 3rd grade, Andien began attending various festivals in the scope of his residence, Cilandak, South Jakarta. Stepping Grade 6, by her mother, Andien entered into EMS (Elfa Music Studio), under the tutelage of Elfa Secioria.
Andien has pioneered the first album in February 2000 entitled "Whispers of the Heart", the album is expected to sell about 30,000 copies. Andien father and mother named Didiek Hariadi named Henny Sri Hardini. Andien is the eldest of three brothers.
Now along with Rieka Roeslan, Nina Tamam, Iga Mawarni and Yuni Shara formed a five-member vocal group under the name 5 Women.

•    Bisikan Hati (2000)
•    Kinanti (2002)
•    Gemintang (2005)
•    Kirana (2010)


Dwi Fatmawati is an Indonesian solo singer Rock / Jazz. Born on December, 02, 1991. She is a talented young singer in jazz music genre, though initially he was better known as a singer Rock / Metal from Surabaya.
She is better known as the lead singer and founder of the band "Power of Mirantic" in 2010. She is now starting a album project solo singer, which will be released in 2013. Recording will take place in Singapore.
In this year was the busiest of his activities in previous years, he also had to share time with her ​​college or career as the owner of a clothing store in Surabaya. May this be a good move for him in the future.

*  Devotional of Soul (2011)
*  The Conscience (2011)
*  Sense of Loss (2012)
*  Find The Word (solo album - 2013)